Won't boot from SSD after disk cloning

I just cloned my main HDD to my new SSD but the SSD won't boot, it gives me an error message saying:
"The boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors." File: \Boot\BCD
If I switch the boot disk back to the HDD it works fine. What do I do?
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  1. You must of transferred two disks with completely different bytes per sector. What you do in this is that you boot up to your hard drive, delete everything on the SSD, clone to a external hard drive, then clone the external hard drive to the SSD
  2. How is that any different than just cloning it to the SSD but with an extra step involved?
  3. I never bothered with cloning. Much rather have a fresh, clean install. If you decide to go that way ....

    1. Disconnect HD cable.
    2. Install OS to SSD
    3. Install hardware drivers from original DVDs
    4. Run Windows Update umpteen times
    5. Check drivers, if any outdated, then install updates.
    6. Shut down and reconnect HD
    7. Copy your program folders on the HD to root ... for example from D:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Reader to D:\Adobe\Reader
    8. Using original install disks, install programs to for example D:\Adobe\Reader

    This step will 1) retain all your program customizations as it won't replace newer files and 2) will set up all necessary registry entries.

    9. Do the same with any files now in D:\Programfiles(86)
    10. Check that everything works
    11. Delete the old Windows.

    Note if you want to keep the old Windows installation, skip step 7 and just install programs over themselves at original location.....this way if SSD goes south, you can still boot to original OS install.
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    Assuming that your HDD currently boots without incident and functions without any problems, try this...

    Reclone the contents of the HDD to the SSD. IMMEDIATELY following the disk-cloning operation DISCONNECT your HDD from the system.

    Ensure that your SSD is connected to the motherboard's first SATA port (connector) and boot to the SSD, initially checking the BIOS during the boot to determine that the boot priority order indicates a first boot to the SSD.

    Assuming the boot to the SSD goes without a hitch, power-down the PC and then reconnect the HDD. Again check the BIOS to ensure a first boot to the SS. See how it goes...
  5. Hey guys! I used the startup repair from my original installation disk and now it's working great! Thanks for the suggestions even though I didn't end up using any of them :)
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