Gaming Pc keeps crashing while playing games.

Hi guys i have a issue. I have a gaming pc and all the parts are compatible. i have had it for only like 6 months but about 2 months ago sometimes when i am playing a game it crashes. For example today i was playing cs go and then my screen goes black then load up with the start windows in safe mode or normally. I will start normally then jump back in and 10 min later it crashes again. This is ONLY happening while playing games. I have already did a memtest and there were no errors. If you can help me that would be great. Ohh yea all the drivers are up to date
amd fx 6300
r9 270x
600w psu
2x4gb ram
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  1. Have you overclocked anything at all?
  2. no i have never overclocked anything. Well my gpu did come factory oc but i never did anything on my own to it.
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    Hmmm. That seems very odd, did it happen randomly or did you install something, or was there any updates done around the time when the crashing started happening?
  4. It happens randomly. The first time i it happened i was playing a easy game that my pc would have no problem running, minecraft. And no there was anything downloaded that would of been fishy to cause this issue.
  5. Hey im pretty sure i figured it out. I belive it was just csgo file error i unistalled and reinstalled and now its not crashing. As for the other games they have not actually crashed in the past month so it was probably just the one game causing all the problems. Anyways Thank You for the help.
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