I'm gonna upgrade from FX-8350 and I need your advice!

So as I said I'm gonna upgrade from FX 8350 and I'm choosing between i7 5820k or i7 4790k(or i7 6700k) so I'm asking this for gaming, and I know that games usually uses 4 cores at the moment but is there any chance that the producers are gonna use 6 cores in near future?

PS: sorry for my grammer :/
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    There's a difference between cores and threads. The i7 4790K can handle up to 8 threads even though it has 4 cores. Even if games scale up to 6 threads, the 4790k will be able to handle all of them with room to spare. Go with the 4790k.
  2. Bad time to upgrade at the moment. I'd wait for Skylake and Zen to come out first.
  3. Skylake won't come out for at least 4 months. Waiting is an option but remember, if you always wait for the next generation to come out, then you won't ever be able to build because the next generation is always around the corner.
  4. zen is at least q1/q2 2016. wait for skylake/6700k.
  5. So you guys say that 6 cores doesn't matter since games are stating themselves as threads to CPU's and every core normally able to handle 1 thread but since 4790k has hyperthreadding it can hande 8 threads(work like 8 cores), so even tho games are starting to use 6 cores, it wont matter because they will present themselves as 6 threads so 4790k should handle them easily, did I get it right?
  6. You got it right.
  7. All right then, since I was planning on upgrade, I'm gonna wait for Skylake and see if the price of i4790k's drop or 6700k will be the same price, if the latter I'm gonna buy 6700k with DDR4 rams. Thanks for your answers!
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