Error: cyclic redundancy check in torrent and bad sectors in hard disk

I have an old ACER extensa laptop. Last time I had dual booted ubuntu and windows 8.1 pro and due to some error and accident while repairing, I deleted whole volume. I got some of my files back through recovery software but after some days, while I was downloading lubuntu through torrent, it said data error(cyclic redundancy check). It would pop up after some time again. So I changed download location to c drive through d(Previously it used to be d drive for torrent downloads.) but the problem was persistant.

I searched and ran chkdsk repair, tuneup disk utilities disk doctor and defragmented whole volume. (latter two because somewhere I read defragmentation can fix some errors). But when I ran Harddisk sentinel, it said 14 damaged blocks, 70 bad blocks and 9916 good blocks. Why is there no relocation for bad sectors as far as I know(correct me if I am wrong) if there are relocations, disk will run fine even if there is bad sectors; or is it showing all blocks including relocated ones?

the image shows red dots(damaged blocks) towards front of a drive. Does it mean that c drive and d drive has only been affected and if I download torrent to e or f drive, there will be no problem?

Moreover, harddisk sentinel shows 52% drive health. Will that be a problem and how can I increase it's health? And how can I solve cyclic redundancy error?

harddrive: samsung HN-M320MBB
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    Hi there Ashesh Shrestha,

    In my opinion, the first thing you should do is to back up the data stored on the drive.
    Usually, you can't really stop the appearance of bad blocks. Also, the drive can fail at any moment. Another bad thing is the fact that Cyclic Redundancy Check is associated with some mechanical flaws.
    My suggestion would be to retest the drive with a different tool. In case you get similar results, you may need to get a new drive and use this one for storing non important data(RMA this one if still under warranty).

    Also, in my view, not only your C: drive is affected but your whole drive as well.

    One thing you can try is to write zeros(makes data unrecoverable so back it all up before that) with some third party tool. In case the bad sectors are software ones, this could slow the degrading process down.

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