What graphic cards would be compatible and be an upgrade for my laptop?

This is my first time making a thread so i apologize in advance.

I have been wanting to upgrade my graphic card for awhile now but never really knew which graphic cards would be an upgrade. My budget would be around 150$ or so.

I have a asus g50vt-x5.

look here for my specs http://www.laptopspec.net/2009/08/asus-g50vt-x5/

Ask me any questions and any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It's highly unlikely you can upgrade that graphics card. laptop gpu's are hard to replace. I know there are some laptops with upgrade capability, and you can find some guides on youtube. But I seriously doubt you'll be able to upgrade it.

    Try building a desktop for about 3 to 500, and you'll be able to upgrade over the years. Most laptops aren't built for upgrade capability.
  2. You can upgrade the GPU in the G50VT from a 9800m GS to a 260m. But the fan will always be at high speed because the motherboard will be confused as to the temperature of the GPU, and no audio through HDMI and you need to get the heatsink for a G51VX or G51j, whichever came with a 260m, and put that in your laptop so the heatsink matches the GPU core and ram positions.
    It is totally doable and might not be that expensive since they are old parts now. But the laptop fan will be kind of loud.
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