Can a switch lower my internet speed?

I have 3 units in my room that needs to be connected, to be precise a PlayStation 3, a desktop for gaming and a home media server (runs windows). but i don't have any Ethernet ports in my room. but i was thinking about running a 5 or 10 meter long LAN cable from my router to my room, and then connect it to a 5 or 8 port switch. but i was thinking if my internet will be slower with 3 units on switch or if it can handle it. i'm open for other suggestions as well.

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Thanks in advance
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  1. switch will run faster then wifi will for all those devices.just make sure the switch is a gigbyte switch and your use the 10/100/1000 speed cable so that your devices if there can run at 1000 speed will.
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    If you are operating over a Gigabit connection you should have little if any connection issues. You will most likely not saturate your uplink to your router (if you router has a gigabit switch on it as well).

    There are a couple of different types of switches including unmanaged, smart, and managed. You will want to look at the unmanaged and possibly smart depending on your case usage and what you want to get out of it and the features that you want.

    As for cables, I would just stick to Cat6. Cat5e will support Gigabit but Cat6 has tighter tolerances and is not cost prohibitive at all when we are talking distances that you need. ICC makes some decent inexpensive Cat6 patch cables in a multitude of colors that you should definitely take a look at.
    A good reliable inexpensive switch is Netgears GS108-400NAS. It is an unmanaged 8 port switch with a metal housing and great performance.

    If you want a "smart" switch then you can bump up to an offering such as a GS108t which will offer features such as VLAN tagging, QoS, etc.

    Finally, there are features such as PoE that you may want to power certain devices if you have any. The GS110TPv2 is a decent offering that also includes PoE and SFP ports if you ever have the need for fiber. However, this is also much more expensive.

    It sounds like you need a good unmanaged switch and for that I would go with the GS108-400NAS.

    As for cables I would just stick to Cat6. Cat5e will support Gigabit but Cat6 has tighter tolerances and for the distances that you need, it is not cost prohibitive at all. ICC makes decent inexpensive Cat6 patches in a multitude of colors.
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