AMD R9 280 club 3d Fan too noisy

I have an AMD r9 280 Royalking Club 3D card. When i play Skyrim or Assasins creed 4, my computer wants to fly away after 10 mins of playing haha. The fan (PSU or CPU) gets louder.
The GPU temp get 60 Celsius after playing these games for ten mins. At first i thought it was my gpu fan that got louder but later i discovered it was the CPU or PSU.
Is this normal?

I have the latest BIOS for my Asrock Pro 2 motherboard, AMD catalyst and windows drivers.
Can someone help me please?
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  1. Your CPU when stressed uses more power thus more heat thus faster fan speed to cool the processor= Normal
    Your power supply needing to put out more power to power the PC while gaming, thus more heat thus faster fan speed= Normal
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