should i upgrade my pc or build a new one?

hi, i was wondering if i should upgrade my pc or build a new one.

currently i have a r9 270x gpu
a fx 6300 cpu
8gb of ram
gigabyte ga970a motherboard

if you could tell me what parts to upgrade to or what parts to use in my next build.
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  1. Hi.
    The build you have right now is actually quite good for gaming and other tasks but if you want to upgrade, go Intel. I'll get a i7 4790k proccesor and a supporting motherboard(get a z97 chipset). You can keep the gpu and the ram the same. If you want to upgrade the gpu, go for something like the r9 290 or the gtx 970/ gtx 980. Overall, this will give you a top notch build that could handle all games in ultra.
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