What happen to my laptop after 2 years? Share your opinions.

Im interested with a gaming laptop which is ROG G751 JT with GTX 970m GPU.

So I wonder what will I face after 2 years. I meant like the performance, what will user usually realise after 2 years? Or simply what will usually happen to laptop after 2 years?

How much do you think that after 2 years this laptop will become so "weak" to play the games that comes out that year? Although it quite "strong" to play high graphic game such as BF4, GTA V, Crysis 3.

Thank You. Sorry for bad english
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  1. yes, that laptop can play any of those games without problems. I think that in two years the worst that can happen is for you to lower settings to normal so you can play the most demanding games.
  2. /looks into crystal ball

    You'll be fine 2 years from now.
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    it's higly unlikely within 2 years that kind of (mobile)power will be considered weak, the only possibility is(considering the trends these days) only when suddenly higher resolutions(4k and whatnot) become mainstream then you'll be stuck with games with shitty UI for fullHD resolution downscale.
    or worse, ppl will be pulling that much power but way way waaayy more manageable size (13" slim) but its highly unlikely within 2 years.
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