PC won't Boot definately a RAM issue

my problem is definately RAM related here is why.
when i power up the pc with the RAM IN it does nothing, the fans just spin.
when i take it out it hass the RAM error beeps (1 long 3 short).
the motherboard i have is an ASUS and it has that MEMOK thing and when the RAM is in and i press the MEMOK button it sometimes sorts it but only until i put a game on, it then just quietly turns off, no blue screen nothing.
i thought it was a heat problem but i put in a water cooler and it keeps it at 12-25 degrees.
the problem now is that it wont start even after i press MEMOK.
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  1. What mobo, CPU, DRAM model #s please
  2. part name - manufacturers number

    P8Z68-V LX S1155 Intel Z68 DDR3 ATX - P8Z68-V LX
    Intel Core i5-2500K 3.30GHz LGA1155 6MB - BX80623I52500K
    Patriot Memory 8GB (2 x 4GB) Viper Xtreme Series PC3-15000 1866MHz CL9 Division 2 Edition - PXD38G1866ELK
    Geforce 9800 GTX +
  3. Do you have the latest BIOS? If so try clearing the CMOS and start with a single stick
  4. done that now, it worked but i tried putting a game on and it does the same again.
  5. it has just BSOD PFN LIST CORRUPT apparently, i have downloaded the latest bio driver ill try that and see what happens
  6. Keep us updated, with the Z68 chipset might need a voltage adjustment or two ;)
  7. k, updated bios. put a game on and it did it again. so still not sorted. will adjusting the voltage realy stop it going off? if so why is it making it go off in the first place?
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    Try a slight OC on the CPU (to help carry the 1866) or drop them to 1600 (your MC (memory controller) is rated to 1333, so a slight OC will help carry the 1866 sticks
  9. right...
    long story short that worked.
    i didn't actually oc the cpu like you suggested, i already had ocd it years ago it would seem and the ram.
    so i made them both under perform and now it works fine.
  10. Glad to hear all is well ;)
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