FPS drops a lot after cpu temps go over 60 degrees

I built a custom pc for use of gaming, and recently ive been having a rather anoying problem.
After a few minutes of gaming Cpu temps rise up to 60+ degrees and the framerate then drops from 90-100 to 25, which is really anoying, gpu temps also rise up to 50-60 degrees but i doubt thats the reason.

Cpu- i5 4670 with stock cooler (not overclocked)
Gpu-asus Gtx 760 (using factory settings)
Hdd-westen digital Caviar green 1TB
Case-nzxt h440
PSU-Corsair cx600
Mobo-gigabyte h87m-d3h

Also im looking at gpu/cpu temps using HWmonitor, ive recently cleaned the case of dust and even changed thermal paste.

Cpu temps for 30 minutes after booting up are around 40 degrees but after they rise above 50-60 degrees they never go back down.

Im considering buying Cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler and hope it fixes my issues.
Is it the cpu temps?, if so why such a drastic drop in fps after it goes above 50-60 degrees since the cpu can safely work up until 72 degrees ?
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    I dont think its a heat problem, I'm fairly sure the 4670 wont start throttling until 90 or 95 degrees. 60 degrees is quite normal, my OC'd 4670k often gets to to 75 degrees in games
  2. i thought so too, but a lot of people have had similar problems with other cpus, where it starts throttling after it reaches around 60 degrees ,although their fixes didnt work on mine
    Im pretty sure its cpu temps because before i cleaned up dust in the cooler and changed thermal paste the idle temps of the cpu were around 50, and my fps with world of tanks were around 25-30 which is really low since before the framerate was around 80-110.After i cleaned it up idle temps were around 35-40 and framerate increased back to normal levels, but after 30 minutes of gaming temps rise again to 50-60+ making the fps drop once again, and sadly since the temps dont drop below 50-60 degrees im forced to restart pc to get low enough temperature to achieve high fps for another 30 minutes
  3. Just installed Nzxt Cam program, its for monitoring pc and ive also come to realize something weird, before starting a game gpu load is at standard levels for idle, but after playing and closing the game, gpu load doesnt drop beyound 98% which means gpu temp doesnt also drop to the 30 degrees idle from before, staying at 60, possibly heating up the inside of the case which stops the cpu from dropping temps aswell, maybe that is the root of the problem
    i would say its a bitcoin mining program but since it only happens after playing a game (in this case it was World of Tanks) im not so sure
  4. seems like it was indeed miners or something that caused the issues, apparently microsoft security essentials is really shitty and let some through, although they only started working when gpu was under load essentially eating up gpu resources and not letting it cooldown meaning inside the case got hotter and cpu also couldnt cool down
    Just gonna unninstall that useless AV now and stay with 360 total security which apparently rates why on anti virus/malware score
    Thanks for helping though
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