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I have two cups that run at about 80 degrees after 15 mins on Prime95. An i5-4460 and an i5-4690k. Both are running on stock coolers. Are these temps ok? If not, would removing the Intel thermal paste and using aftermarket high-performance thermal paste with the same stock cooler lower the temperatures at all?

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  1. If you are running the latest version of Prime95 the temps are fine. Some people don't recommend the latest version of Prime95 on the new Intel chips. I still use it, but you have to remember it will get the chip far hotter than any other load you can place it under.

    Yes a nicer thermal paste would help, but really not enough to make a huge difference. The stock cooler is OK, but if you really want to drop your temps you need a new cooler.
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    Intel Temperature Guide-

    The paste that comes pre-installed on stock coolers isn't all that bad. Even the best paste will only drop temps 3-5°C at most. On a stock cooler, its not usually worth the hassle. Stock coolers are designed to function within the tolerances of the cpu in question. Prime95 can push the cpu beyond normal tolerances because of the specific nature of the tests involved, which no program currently uses to even close to that extreme.
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