Whats wrong with my cpu?

Hey all.
I just finished my first pc build ( after waiting for an RMA and assembling). And when I did the first boot it went perfectly. I don't have my OS yet because I'm getting Windows 8 on the weekend and i don't want the Windows 7 From my mom's company disk ( she gets privelages like that from her work). I left it on for awhile to see How the temps were after heating up and it just kept rising and rising and......... ( it only ran for like 4 minutes though and went up 2-3 degrees)
It shocked me. My ambient room temperature was about 15 C at the time and it was at 38 on startup. I'm letting it run while I write this ( on a different computer) and it has already hit 43 C and the ambient temp is 18! My mobo is at 26 now aswell. CAn someone please tell me what is wrong and how to fix it or is this normal temps and does this normally happen?
My cpu is an i5 4690k at stock with a stock cooler on an Asrock Z97 pro4 motherboard.

I'm gonna let it run awhile longer and see if it stabilizes. I'll post the results later.
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  1. idle temps change constantly, so its not a way to test things. can you please give us temps at max load (use prime95 if possible)
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    Your fine,well within normal Temps. You wont get a good Temp reading until you have a OS and can do a Stress Test.
  3. Ok thanks. It also seems to have stopped at 43 C.
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