Can a faulty motherboard make my computer freeze ?

Hello all,

I 'm having an issue with a desktop computer. Suddenly the computer started to hang until it was unable to load the operating system. The error message was "disk error occurred press ctrl+alt+del".

I checked the hard disk using an other desktop computer. It successfully passed all WD Diagnostic tests, I was able to get a full disk backup with Acronis. SMART attributes were all okay but for the Ultra CRC Error count; I cannot recall the exact number at that time but I do remember that it was a 4-digit value.

Due to the fact that the PSU was making a high-pitched noise even when the computer was off, I replaced it along with the SATA cables.

To move on, I decided to reinstall the OS. It took a lot, like 2-3 hours. After loading for the first time the OS, I noticed again that periodic hang; the system works like a breeze for 20-30 seconds, then the whole computer freezes, the HDD activity led is constantly on (I could not even move the mouse) for about 10 seconds and then It works again... This thing happens in repeat.

Also, I monitored the CRC error count for a while; it was increasing fast, like 2-3 errors every 10 seconds.

The same thing happens with a different hard disk.

I also noticed today that one capacitor on my motherboard is a bit bulged at the top and it is the nearest capacitor to the power supply cable.

So, it is possible that the culprit for these hangs is indeed the motherboard? Or should I check something else?

FYI, The system is 8 years old, the disk is relative new (1.5 year old) and of course I double checked if all the appropriate latest stable drivers where installed and working okay.

Specs: Intel E8400, 2x1GB DDR2 Transcend RAM, ECS G31T-M, WD Caviar Black, 350 W PSU, Windows 8.1 x86
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    Yes of course it can.
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