youtube video goes black after 10 min

How can I fix this.

When I watch a video on youtube it will go black after about 10 min and I have to reload the page. The audio continues to play but the video goes black.
No it is not my screensaver. Only the video window goes black not the entire screen.

I have tried to use an uninstall tool on Adobe Flash. After uninstall I rebooted my machine. Then I downloaded the most recent version and reinstalled. Still have the problem. Any ideas?
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  1. Youtube has switched quite a bit of its videos to HTML5. Right click a playing video to see if it is HTML5 or Flash.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and any browser updates. I have seen issues of full screen not going full screen in the new HTML5 player as well as less smooth frame rates on some systems. Updating the browser fixed the full screen issue for now.

    Lots of users are also saying the HTML5 player seems to place a more heavy cpu load on the system(I have not been able to replicate this).

    Funny thing is this move to HTML5 was supposed to be more easy on the systems.(Apples claim to fame at least.). I personally thing the number of Flash based games was a threat to the app store and that is why they pushed HTML5 so hard(takes a while for all sites to start using it).

    It also would not hurt to try another browser just in case the browser has the issue.
  2. Yea - it seems to be an issue with firefox. IE has no problems for me. Maybe it is an addon. More testing is required by me.
  3. In firefox hit Alt. Select help and About Firefox. If an update is ready it should install show you a restart message.
  4. Wow finally I see someone who is having this issue as well.
    I've been trying to get this fixed for months now and I just have no idea why this is happening.
    I've already tried the above methods as well and nothing worked, it happens in all of my browers, IE FF Chrome it does not matter.
    My graphics are up to date and so is my Adobe Flash.
    This only started happening after I formatted my pc, before that I never had these issues.

    It's ridiculously annoying, trying to learn yoga from videos and while u are in a really hard pose u suddenly have to get up and reload the damn video -_-
  5. Also make sure your sound drivers us upto date just in case.

    Very strange that you have it on both browsers.

    Have you confirmed it is Flash and not HTML5

    Just right click the current video to see. This is a random video from the main page.
  6. Hmm I think I was wrong on the part of it being in all browsers.

    your images were helpful because in IE I get about adobe flash when I rightclick the video.
    But in Firefox I get About the HTML5 player and in Firefox is where I am having the issues.

    The issue usually happens about 10-13 minutes into a video. With short videos this does not happen.
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    So does it work fine on IE?

    If so, you may be able to get a plugin for firefox that forces yourtube to use flash. This is a temporary workaround because I am sure at some point flash will be all but dead.

    I think this was the one I used to take the screen shots(different computer so can not check at this time).
  8. Thanks mate, I will give it a try soon when I watch a longer video and let you know.
    I hope this topic can help others as well since there's very little to find about this issue.

    -update 22-05-2015-

    The addon works, I was able to watch the same video that I had issues with before without it going to black and just having sound.

    So the plugin seems to be a working fix. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you all.

    This addon has also fixed the problem for me.
  10. Remember plugin can be swapped back and forth if you want to test if the HTML5 player has been fixed.

    I also recommend reporting playback issues from the HTML5 player so Youtube/Google can see about fixing it. If not too many people watch 10+ min videos they may not even know about this issue. This will ensure they know an issue requires attention.
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