Watch Dogs freezing

I bought Watch Dogs and i can't play it. Everytime I try to play it ONLY on loading screen it freezes. I don't know what to do.
I have i5 3570k cpu litle overclock to 3.6 ghz
8gb ram
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  1. Is it the only game that freezes/crashes? What drivers are you using on the 660ti?
  2. Yes it is the only game. Bf3,lol,minecraft...
    are not freezing.
    I am using the latest drivers. I checked it today with Geforce experience.
  3. Hmm odd. WatchDogs is a little more CPU intense compared to BF3. Have your tried reverting to an older GPU driver?
  4. Well i tought about installing Watch Dogs good driver. I had Watch Dogs and it was working fine. If you know any good WD driver please tell me.
  5. Well check the system log files for application failures/stops. I'm running a fairly older driver (334.89) and I don't have any issues with WatchDogs. You can try reverting back a few drivers to see if that changes anything. The only other thing that stands out, which really shouldn't, is the overclock. Just take it off.
  6. Well I discovered that is not whole PC freeze (need to restart pc) when I run it with 1 core (core 0) but it has mini freezes 3-7 seconds. In whole game. Even videos.
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