Why is the AMD FX-4350 Box/Fan Set Being Sold For Less Than the Tray That Has No Fan?

Hi, I have a quick question which is summed up concisely in the title of this thread.

The AMD FX-4350, model: FD4350FRHKBOX, which comes with a CPU fan (albeit an inferior cooler to any aftermarket heatsink/fan) and in new condition, is selling for less than the same CPU, model: FD4350FRW4KHK that is an OEM tray only. And the latter is not even new.

I actually bought the tray only model from Newegg a few months ago, but in new condition, and paid $99 for it. I didn't need it and have never removed it from its packaging. I'd like to sell it on eBay and have no idea what to ask for it because of this enigma.

See the link below to clarify. Please reference the two Newegg ads -- as this is where I purchased mine months ago.


Thanks for any timely responses, as I would like to publish my ad on eBay ASAP.

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    OEM parts are sold for system builders and come without accessories many times.

    CPUs come without the heatsink/fan
    Hard drives and SSD's come without any cables. Retail tends to come with cables and even an adapter for 3.5 -> 2.5 in some cases.
    Most optical drives come the same way. some without software as well.
    Other OEM hardware comes without a manual and in a basic brown box(no fancy retail packaging).

    Think of a company like HP buying 1000s of cpus(in a tray) and they already have heatsinks they use(look inside and you will see many HP systems and other makers use a different heatsink either for more quiet or cooler operation). They save money and do not have extra heatsinks they will not use.

    List it as an OEM unused cpu. Make sure you describe it as having no heatsink. I am sure someone may already have a cooler to use on it anyway(I still have 3 stock AMD coolers from systems I did not use them on.).
  2. I see what you are saying. But still, this means someone buying a tray, in this case, is paying more so that he will not have a heatsink and fan laying around.

    I would rather pay less, no matter what. And maybe sell the unneeded heatsink and fan for $10. Well thanks for your input. Confirms what I thought: sometimes retailers don't make sense.

  3. The price of OEM should actually be cheaper. Look at OEM windows vs Retail price.

    I have no clue how someone is selling it for more. I have seen amazon sellers with things for 4 times the price they are sold for however.

    It is possible someone got enough in bulk to get a discount too.
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