Upqrade from Gtx 660 OC SLI to GTX 970 g1 gaming or gtx 980

Welcome everyone. I have been reading this forum for a long time ;)

I have an old i5 3570k with 2x GTX 660 OC, playing on 2560 x 1440 60 Hz monitor.
This rig used to work realy well, but 2gb of VRAM aren't enough anymore.
I am thinking about keeping 1x 660 for physx and getting a new main graphic card.
I have narrowed my search to: Gigabyte GeForce GTX970 Gaming G1 for 285 pounds or MSI GTX 980 4GD5 OCV1 for 373 pounds.

Are those 88 pounds worth it for 980? Or should I be golden with this 970.
I am in a pickle picking the best one for this setup and would love some advice :)
(changing motherboard and CPU are not an option in this case)
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  1. If you were going to stay with 1080p or just one 1440p monitor I would recommend the 970 as it gets you the most big for your money. However, anymore than that I would highly suggest the 980 especially if you want to do a multi monitor setup with 1440p or higher.
  2. Both the 970 and the 980 have physx engines in them, so there is no need to keep one of the 660s. You should sell both of them so you have more money to spend.

    Keep in mind, if vram is your gripe, the 970 only has 3.5gb usable and the 980 has 4gb. Games like GTA V will use up all of that.
    And the 970 will work well, but of course the 980 will perform better in the AAA titles. But for 373 pounds, you should be getting a better 980, I would get the gigabye g1 gaming one or the msi gaming 4g one. Unless things are just more expensive when you are...
  3. As someone who is hitting the 3gb vram of my 780 on Advanced Warefare @ 1080p and reading about GTA5 doing the same I would personally opt for the 980 as it can properly utilise all 4gb unlike the 970 which has issues after 3.5gb usage.

    Personally I am holding out as I am hoping by the end of the year affordable 6gb cards will be available.
  4. I will be playing on 1440p single monitor, yet I have hook up 2 more for work/ browser purposes. As for the pricing 980 cost 408 pounds on average here, so the price for this one is pretty good. As for the 660, I am using, one on my main rig, gtx 660 dedicated for PhysX with Gtx 980 and it gives me +/- 10 FPS more on 1440p in games that use PhysX.
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    I also want to point out that now is a bad time to purchase a GPU. AMD will be launching their new 300 series in about 2-3 weeks. Wait until then. Nvidia and AMD will fluctuate their prices to compete if AMD delivers on their promises about performance, all the better for us. And on the off chance that AMD does not deliver on the promises, prices will still drop a little to make the cards more appealing. Either way, its a win-win.
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