Ultimate fanboy(or girl) thread: NVidia or AMD GPU...but wait!

Specifically the GTX Titan X or the new R9 390x (Fiji XT).

I've seen the google results too, I'm asking purely from speculation.
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  1. comparing a gaming card to a dual purpose workstation card isn't fair. doesn't matter if the titan x is 10% faster, the figi xt card would cost up to 45% less so it would be the clear winner if gaming is the only thing that matters.
  2. So you are saying the 390x is purely a gaming card? The data transfer speeds are what interest me the most. Especially when VR is more widely available next year. 4K VR anything would need HBM, well not need. But thrive with. HBM is supposedly 5x GDDR5. Even if X is a workstation card, I think the 390x is still comparable.
  3. Having boat loads of bandwidth is nice but that excessive bandwidth will be useless without faster core to back it up.
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