how to fix pc crashing while playing game shortly

Recently ive gotton a new monitor (acer K202HQL) and its been randomly saying no connection when i restart my pc and swich my monitor on and off it works fine but now its been really bad and whenn ever i try to play any game like warframe team fortress 2 the list goes on my pc's monitor goes black ses no connection and my headset makes a reapeting sound wenn i switch monitor on and off screen is black how do i fix this?
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  1. you crashed, reboot.

    Are you overclocked at all?
    tested your ram several hours?

    Please list your systems specs.
  2. i dont know my soecs i know the monitor and a have a gt 220 nvidia graphics card im not sure of the rest
  3. oh and do u mean by overclocked asin i leave my pc on during night?
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