100% Disk Usage By System All The Time

Hi i have windows 8.1 and they system and service host is always using 100% of my disk and my IO Become very slow . What can i do . Help pls
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  1. You might wanna run a virus scan to make sure a virus isn't spreading throughout your system. That, or wait an extended period of time to see if the usage dies down. If it dies down, it must be the start up applications starting up.
  2. Ok m8 i try to scan beacuse it has been like 4hrs that the pc started up
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    Hi there Andre Coleiro,

    You can try disabling some Windows Services like: Windows Search, Superfetch and BITS.
    Check this out:

    After that, it may be a good idea to test your HDD with some brand specific testing tool.

    Hope this will help,
  4. Hi
    Just reinstall the OS .... 15 min. job + drivers 30 min. tops.

    If you have any issues till you setup then is more likely to be HW problem.
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