CPU Temperature 45 degree Plus With Cooler Stock

I just bought the deepcool gammaxx 300 cpu cooler for my amd cpu phenom x4 965. I am using Windows 8.1 OS.

My local city weather temperature is 43 degree+ and in my room i am not using window cooler or AC due to they are damaged and waiting for the technician to repair it but i am still in long queue.

After install the cooler, my cpu temperature showing 45+ degree only using chrome to write this thread, nothing in background and in idle the temp were same.

Check my screenshot below

Is it normal or my cooler was pissed me off ?
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  1. It is normal your CPU temp will always be more than ambient temp if you want to lower it you will have to buy an AC to cool the room. There is a sticky related to CPU temps you should read it.
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    Your temps are perfectly normal. As you can see from your screen shot, you're only at 52* at 50% utilization which is also good. There is also a "break-in" period for thermal compound so in all likeliness you're going to see those temperature drops a bit over the next few days as the compound breaks in.

    That all being said, the phenom x4 965 max temp according to the AMD website is 62*, which is a bit on the low end for CPUs so I would just keep an eye on the temperature over the next few days to be sure all is well. I'm sure you're good to go.
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