ok I bought a GTX 750 Ti OC it does have the 6pin power slot, however my PSU is 300 watts but my PC will not recognize the GPU

I ordered a SATA to 6 pin PCI power adapter. is this going to fix the problem? or is it something more significant than that?
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  2. i saw that just now i havea delta electronics 300 watt that is not going to do it even with the cable? i called ASUS and HP and they BOTH told me it would be compatible. I am about to get really PO'd if it does not work
  3. Hello,

    Even with an additional PCI-e power connection, the 750Ti OC will not consume more than 100W. It all depends on how old and how fit is your PSU, it should have at least +12V/20 Amps rating. What CPU do you have?
  4. it is a brand new system with an i5 quad core it does have the +12/20 amps on the PSU is it really going to need the 400 watts?

    here is the PSU will it be enough?
  5. It's definitely something wrong with that PSU: it has 2 x +12V rails, capable of a theoretical 28 Amps (336W), but only total 300W rating (the other rails included)... If you don't have lots of HDDs/SSDs/DVD drives, the GPU should work, but I strongly suggest going for another PSU.

    Being an HP, I guess the first rail (12Amps / +12Va) is dedicated to the CPU (it's internally wired only to the 4-pin CPU plug), while the second rail (16 Amps / +12Vb) is taking care of all the other connectors.
  6. so you think it will work? or do i need to just go with a 300 watt card. i dont want to but i can

    CORSAIR CX series CX750 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply New 4th Gen CPU Certified Haswell Ready

    80 bucks for this though i dont know how hard it is to install though
  7. the CORSAIR will work but we need to know the make & model# of the hp to make certain the new psu will fit in tho I think it will? is not hard to install new psu as you just do the reverse of what you do when you take out the old psu.
  8. it is an HP Envy i5 quadcore 700-410 there is a lot of room inside.
  9. it will work.
  10. well i just received the SATA to 6 pin adapter and tried it with the same power supply. it works just fine getting over 60 FPS no problem. now i am wondering if i should just keep it as it. will it harm anything? it seems to be working awesomely
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