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l've been suggested 2 builds. or . Which one is better for primarily gaming?

I want the best performance in games. Or, is there anything I can add to these. I'm about to buy the parts for one of these and I want to know which one is the best.

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  1. the first one is better.
    no there isn't anything you can do to improve it in your budget.
    getting an SSD can wait for later as they are relatively quick to install
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    What games are you going to play the most ? Do you really want intel cpu or you don't have preference between amd and intel?

    Between these two builds I would buy the first one because of the better graphics card, you will have approximately 10fps more with R9 280 compared to R9 270x.

    You can see differences between graphic cards here in terms of gaming:
    It was tested on GTA V, Shadow of Mordor, Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider and Thief games using the same video settings.

    SSD doesn't affect gaming, it just effects loading time of your mission or whatever but once it's loaded then it doesn't give any other boost to your fps...
  3. The build with the R9 280 is much better for gaming purposes as the 280 will run games at higher settings with better FPS and also has an extra GB of Vram which can help with modding games for example. That build looks to be the better of the two by far, you can always upgrade other parts of it in the future if need be.
  4. Both are great builds. Good CPU, good mobos, great PSU. The only difference is one sacrifices graphics for faster boot and load times. You just need to ask yourself which is more important.

    Do you want better framerates/higher settings in games or faster load times? Also related: what games do you play, and at what resolution?

    Other consideration: You can always buy an SSD later on if you want (you just have to reinstall/reimage). And GPUs get outdated quick, a lot of people replace them every couple of years.
  5. Here's the best possible gaming rig for the money (up to 585 pounds, it's AMD so like I said in case you don't like AMD go with the first one you posted)
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