External HDD stops responding periodically

Hi. I recently puchased a HDD enclosure, silverstone TS432U,


and installed 4X4TB hard drives, 16TB total.

It worked fine for about a week, then it started to stop responding from time to time.

It wasn't in parked, or sleep mode. I would browse the files and all of sudden it stops responding. Explorer would give "not responding" message. All 4 drives installed in the enclosure would be inaccessible.

Either I have to wait about couple minutes, or unplug and plug the external HDD power to get it working again.

At first I thought it was some power issue, so I disabled Advanced Power Management and adjusted windows power options to see if that would fix the problem. The problem remains still.
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  1. i too think about it as a power problem, maybe power through usb is not enough, try connecting it to esata port, or change the usb cable
  2. Hi there v02918,

    As you are facing some HDD related issues, it may be a good idea to back up the data that is stored on them until you soft this out.
    It is possible that there is something wrong with the connections( randomly disconnecting and reconnecting). This is why, you can try connecting the device with another data(USB) cable. You can try using a different power cable as well.
    If the this does not help though, it may be a good idea to contact the DAS manufacturer.
    If will not hurt to test your drives with some brand specific testing tool as well.

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