Looking for a good graphic card for my Be Quiet Power Supply

Hi, i have Be Quiet P4 450w Power Supply, and i'm upgrading my pc. Which is the best GPU that my Power Supply can handle?

CPU: Athlon II X4 620 ~ 95
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  1. gtx 960
  2. And from AMD radeon which is best that my power supply can handle?
  3. What is your current GPU?

    The Athlon II x4 620 is weak by today's standards.
  4. Current is GT430

    That cpu is old but still can keep running games that I play. But I have Am3/AM3+ socket MOBO, so if i want to upgrade CPU, probalby i should change MOBO too, I dont want to do that.
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    Ah yes a GPU upgrade will be worth while over a GT430

    GTX 960 to be fair. an AMD card with low power consumption you won't get the performance of a 960.

    and if possible get a 4gb version if your budget allows.
  6. Its possible to find it for 250€? (4gb version)
  7. Ok, thanks a lot. I will buy GTX960.

    I will too think about upgrade CPU to better AMD FX.
  8. What is your motherboard?
  9. My motherboard is GA-970A-DS3
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