Is a mild overclock on a Asrock 980 DE3 r2 (770 chipset) a bad idea?

I know its generally recommended not to OC on cheap boards yet the box is full of information bragging about how easy it is to OC on this board (marketing hype I guess).

I have a fx 6300 and a CM hyper 212 and was looking to get the chip to 4ghz. Should I even bother?
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  1. You can go as high as the cpu can go as long as you don't raise the voltage from default. Hitting 4ghz is doubtful but possible
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    Asrock 980 DE3 r2 or Asrock 970 DE3 r2?

    The 970 is OK for OC but hasn't a heatsinked VRM so is limited as to what you can do. And its only 4+1 power phases which again limits you. There's no detail on Asrock 980 DE3 r2.

    See - says it has 760G chipset.

    There's not enough info available. So I'd play it safe and avoid OC.

    The fx6300 will self turbo to 3.8 any way.
  3. the first revision of the board is a 760 chipset which I heard is bad for OC'ing but the second revision the r2.0

    is a 770
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