Can I run Watch Dogs with this PC?


I'm thinking about buying this PC:

Can I run Watch Dogs and other heavier software and games like proffesional video editing software? And can I get a stable Internet connection when using a Wi-Fi dongle to this computer?

Thank you in advance!
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    This is a very CPU heavy computer. You will be able to play Watch Dogs at medium settings at around 50-60fps with the 750ti, it's not a very powerful card. The 4790 should be able to handle video editing and other cpu intensive software fine.

    As long as you have a decent WiFi dongle there should be no problem.
  2. Good card, good choices, Overall no worries you can do editing there and gaming, I think you will get high setting on 1080p with 30fps. and I do believe this pc is to make a good experience gaming for those who buy it, There still so much computer in this world with those performance with a lower budget but not sure for the quality of it.

    I hope it helped, Thankyou..
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