What AIO liquid cooler will fit my case ?

Im just wondering what closed loop water cooling unit i should get that would fit my case. Also what to measure in general to know if it fits. I'd like to keep the cost under 200$. Im going to be shipping it from amazon if possible so any links would be very appreciated. And if possible, an all in one cooler with blocks for both cpu and gpu. Im a noob so forgive me for any missing information, my first ever pc. However, i am looking at overclocking my cpu and probably pairing my gpu with another in the near future.

Case: thermaltake v3 blac edition.
Memory: 32gb ram
Gpu: Gtx 660( upgrading to an msi gtx 980 gaming 4g in a couple of weeks)
Cpu: intel i7 4770
Power supply: cooler master extreme 2 725
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