Defender + what = adequate protection?

Windows 8.1

I am seeking adequate protection for my computer but with minimum impact on speed and responsiveness.

what about this: Defender + MBAM home premium + Bitdefender 60-second scan

I assume that something heavier like Kaspersky will probably give me better protection on its own than all these three put together, but, as I mentioned, I am seeking minimum impact on speed and responsiveness.
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  1. Bit Defender is better than Kaspersky. I use Avast - free version.

    But I also use Malwarebytes free version and do a scan every week or so. The pay version does it as scheduled.
  2. what about bitdefender's free tool -- 60 second scan?
    is it worth anything, besides advertising the paid product?
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    Unfortunately, Microsoft Defender is dropping the ball on people. Ever since it was integrated into Windows, it seems to have lost most of its support within Microsoft.

    I think I would agree with the person who posted earlier, and suggest Avast free version for scans. Paid anti-virus programs generally have more features, but Avast free version is a decent anti-virus program.
  4. Why do I bother!
  5. As per my experience, download any cloud based antivirus software like Immunet ,Avira and Panda in your system, because cloud based antivirus application provides an extra layer of security for your system without slow down it and most importantly many cloud based software are compatible with windows defender. Currently, I am using Immunet in my PC with windows defender and I am completely satisfied with it and it’s free to download.
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