Is it possible to overclock an i5 4690K on H81 motherboard

I have an i5 4690k on a Gigabyte GA-H81M-H and wondering if i can overclock a bit on it. I plan on getting a better cpu cooler than the stock cooler they give you. Or is a Z97 motherboard a must for overclocking. I have been running the i5 at stock speed with the stock cooler for almost a year.
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  1. Damn so I do really need a Z97 motherboard. Are there any Micro ATX motherboard that allows overclocking because my case is really small. And should I buy an after market cooler if I don't overclock
  2. check gigabyte for an updated bios that allows overclocking--almost sure i read somewhere that most makers had released bios for overclocking on non z87/z97 boards
  3. No need to I went to the bios and and it a shot and it let me overclock to 4 GHZ but it went BSOD on prime 95 in like 2 minutes. So I guess you can overclock but it is very limited. Also should I leave CPU voltages on Auto if not what should I adjust it to.
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    K-Hype said:
    No need to I went to the bios and and it a shot and it let me overclock to 4 GHZ but it went BSOD on prime 95 in like 2 minutes. So I guess you can overclock but it is very limited

    but is that the latest bios? if it is then you have your answer i guess
  5. Overclocking on that motherboard is really limited and I believe gigabyte limited the voltage to 1.2v. The z series are much better suited to overclocing with full control. I'm kind of confused as to what you're doing, first you're considering a z series board because of overclocking limitations then ask if you need an aftermarket cooler if you don't overclock. Are you planning to oc or not?

    Since you mentioned you have a small case, make sure you have adequate airflow and a decent/good aftermarket cooler (that will fit your case) if you plan to overclock. Smaller cases, heat builds faster and usually require smaller coolers depending what case it is. I'd look into a z series motherboard, there are z97 matx motherboards for around $100. No fiddling with bios updates, vrm's capable of additional power used for overclocking, full oc control in the bios etc.

    Before diving into a bunch of parts purchases, consider if it's for fun or if you need to overclock (can't imagine it bottlenecking anything). If it's worth the increase to you from your current setup to justify a $30-50 cooler plus a $100 mobo. If you're using an oem version of win, you may or may not have to buy another os license when swapping the motherboard since it requires an os re-install. Search around for some devil's canyon overclocking guides, there are several good ones that help explain various settings. You'll want some monitoring programs like hwinfo64, coretemp etc. If running prime95, make sure to use v26.6 and small fft's for steady workload on the cpu. Newer versions will cause the 4690k to run excessively hot beyond normal stress and I wouldn't personally recommend it on the stock cooler.
  6. Honesty after reading your comment I think I should just get the aftermarket cooler and let that be it. I manage to overclock it to 3.9 GHZ as well as lower the voltages to 1.075 and ran Aida64 stress for about 3 hours so far. The temps are around 65 - 75 degrees Celsius. No crashes yet I might let it run for another 2 hours or so and see. Should I get the Arctic cooler 7 Rev 2 it is only $25 on newegg?
  7. For another $10 this would be a better cooler provided it fits your case. A little taller than the arctic freezer but shorter than the 212 evo. Can't really say without knowing what case you have.
  8. This is my case:
    This is a very low end case so it isn't that great
  9. So long as the case works, not a big deal. I tried finding the dimensions of supported coolers but nothing listed officially from gigabyte. Others have varying statements from 150-180mm cpu coolers supported. I think the h7 will work, it's only 144mm tall which works out to 5.7". That case width is just over 7" so even given room behind the motherboard tray, motherboard standoff height etc should still be ok. Just might not be able to mount a side fan on the case panel on the upper grill over the cpu.
  10. Is that CPU cooler any good? It still uses push pins and is it enough to cool the CPU?
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