Asus Maximus VII RAnger VS Asrock Z97X Killer

I am about to buy a new motherboard and i came up with these 2 motherboards but i wanna know which one is more reliable..I also saw the Asrock Z97 non X Killer for more budget one but the lack of SLI could be a future upgrade problem....
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    Asus Maximus VII Ranger < I own it , solid board.
  2. If u say so then i am sure for that :P another reaosn that i wanted that Ranger is that i amde a custom case form wood and theme is black red + ASUS logos on it but those extra 40 euros made me rethink ...
  3. The Killer is decent , but I prefer ASUS Quality.
  4. Got it ok thank mate .btw that killer lan thing rly works?
  5. I also just built a PC with the ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer.

    Another nice board.
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