Does my ssd cause my fps spikes?

My computer new computer has been freezing a lot while playing games, watching videos or even browsing internet. Every other component is new except for my ssd and hdd.
I've myself tested cpu with intel burn test and prime 95 and gpu with furmark and eventually bought a better gpu. I have also updated drivers and bios.
A few weeks ago I brought this computer to a local store to check motherboard and ram and they said those components work correctly.
Switching psu and ram didn't solve the problem and there were no firmware updates for my ssd.

After all that testing, I did a few benchmarks on my ssd.
Here are the pictures(sorry for bad cropping). Orange line is reading data and blue is writing( I think). (data pattern zero) (data pattern random) (data pattern mixed) (S.M.A.R.T) (regular benchmark)

I think it's worth noting that the ssd is at least 3 years old even though smart says it's been on for only 9 days or so and error scan didn't find anything
Also HD tune crashed once while doing file benchmark.

Do I need to buy a new ssd or is there anything else that can cause fps drops?
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  1. Is the latest firmware on the SSD?
  2. PNY driver utility couldn't find any updates so I'm pretty sure it's up to date
  3. I'm also wondering that is it normal that vcore voltages jump around 0.132-1.104v? here is a picture from hwmonitor
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    SMART looks funny

    7 days power on
    4.4bil read errors
    3.2TB LBA written
    6.6TB NAND written <-- write amp from unaligned lbocks

    With that many errors, I'm not sure I even trust some of these values. RMA it, it's about to die.

    Did you really write 3.2TB to your SSD?
  5. It's true that smart looks very weird and it is most likely lying, though crystal disk gave exactly same statistics except for unexpected power loss count.
    The ssd is at least 3 years old so it has been on more than 7 days(over 20x that for sure) but error count and data written looks very high for that considering it's been used only for gaming, videos and internet.
    I'm going to check if I have any warranty left and rma it if I can.
    Thank you for your answer!
  6. Found out that I can rma it. I will post again when it's repaired or replaced.
  7. I got my SSD replaced and spiking has stopped. Thanks for your help!
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