After cloning SSD to SSD, Storage amount is same as old drive. Help!

Hello, so here are the devices.

I used a [UNITEK USB 3.0 TO DUAL SATA HDD WITH OFFLINE CLONE] clone device to clone my Kingston 60 GB SSDNow 300 to my Intel SSD 730 Series 480 GB.

The process went quickly and boot up on the new intel SSD went well.

The problem now is that when opening the properties of the new SSD, I see that the max capacity is the same as the Kingston (55.7 GB) when the intel 480GB is in fact plugged in at the moment. It appears to have cloned the max capacity properties as well.

Can someone explain a solution or why it wouldn't just clone over the data?

Let me know if you have questions, Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you open up disk management ( start > control panel > administrative tools > computer management > disk management.) Does it show extra unallocated disk space? If so you can extend your current partition by right clicking and selecting extend.

    Hopefully this helps,

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    You need to extend the SSD volume by using Disk Management.
    How to
  3. It worked, thank you guys!
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