Phenom II X4 965 BE gets high cpu load when playing games/videos and shuts down the game/video

Hey guys, I just upgraded my Phenom II X2 550 BE to an X4 965 BE, and I have a big problem. So, I installed the cpu and the aftermarket cooler, evrything is alright. So, I install windows and after installing the games I find out that I cant play them. I launch them and when it loads and everything, the cpu load is 100%, the sound starts lagging and the game/video in a browser shuts down. I dont know what to do, help please. Some games work, some dont, for example, NFS MW 2012 works fine, Assetto Corsa crashes within seconds of revving the car, Firefox crashes when I play a video and try to skip a part of the video. Or when I play music and resize the windows, everything goes crazy and WM player gives me an error.
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  1. Can we get more specs?

    What motherboard, PSU, RAM and GPU are you using.

    Model numbers for the Motherboard and Ram would be best.

    Currently my assumption is that you are either pulling too much power from your PSU or motherboard. I could confirm this by seeing the compatibility list for your motherboard and the rating for your PSU and GPU.

    This could also be a heat issue, but checking numbers is easier than re installing a cpu. Just to cover bases, what thermal paste did you use when you installed the cooler?
  2. Hey, so, I used the pre-applied paste on an Arctic cooler, so it shouldnt be a problem.
    My specs: MB:M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
    PSU: a crappy old Fortron 450W
    RAM:8GB (two 2GB Kingston ones and a 4GB HyperX kingston)
    GPU:GeForce GTX 570 GS GLH
  3. Your GPU has a maximum power usage of 219 W and a system recommendation of 550 W.

    Now while 219 watts for the GPU and 125 for the cpu might leave 156 watts to play with, the other components, quality of the PSU, and age of the capacitors comes into play.

    Can you get your idle temperatures from HWmonitor or a similar program?
  4. Yeah, they are about 40-46 Celsius
  5. What temperature was the room?

    Do you have an overclock?

    What case do you have? With how many fans?

    What aftermarket cooler are you using?

    My 980 BE idled at around 30, but it depends on the delta and air flow.
  6. the PSU is facing down, on a filter, but it is a ''little'' bit dusty
    The case is a Cooler Master Elite 335U
    I have one fan on the back, and one on the side
    I am using a Arctic Freezer 7 Rev 2.6
    Should I clean the PSU?
  7. While you should always keep dust filters clean, it is doubtful that it would help in this situation.

    What happens when you run prime95? What are the temps?
  8. I put it facing down when I changed the cpu, and while I was inspecting it I saw some dust there, a lot of dust, on prime it doesnt go higher than 55 Celsius.
  9. Ok. Please run a gpu test such as Heaven or Furmark and let me know the temps. MSI afterburner is a good utility for GPU temps, if your tool doesn't have them.
  10. Well :D PC crashed about 0.5 secs in :DI think the PSU was overloaded, because it would not turn on for approx. 15 seconds.
    I think that dusting it out would help a little bit.
  11. Sounds like a good idea. Hit it and see.
  12. Cleaned it out, but everything is the same. Going to update Windows now.
  13. Best answer
    Update and re install if you need to, but my answer is to buy a better PSU. Would work.
  14. Yeah, I think that too, I only need a bit more money. Thanks for your time my man :)
  15. Happy to help
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