Graphics Card Compatibility w/ Motherboard ( Links included )

Good evening everyone! I have a pretty straightforward question about the compatibility between my motherboard, the ,

and the Graphics Card I'm currently looking at purchasing, the .

Comparing the GTX 750ti with my current , the main thing I'm worried about is the GTX 750 says it needs BUS Support - PCI Express 3.0

Also, is there a difference between Double slot graphics cards and Dual slot graphics card? Simply semantics?

My power supply is 750 watts so I should be covered on that.

Thanks in advance for any possible helpful information!
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More about graphics card compatibility motherboard links included
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    Its a good enough upgrade for you and PCIeX16 version 1.1,2.0,3.0 are all backward compatible and the GTX 750ti is a mid range card so it will not be bottlenecked by the mobo slot.
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