GTA 5 system running low error

Hello guys pls help while playing GTA 5 I am getting system running low on memory error . my specs are
Core i5 2300@ 2.8 GHz
Intel DH61WW mobo
Gtx 970 GPU
Corsair CX 600 PSU
Corsair vengeance 2*4 GB ram
500 GB hdd
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    I had the same problem. Find out how large is your paging file size.
    Control panel->System->Advanced system settings->Advanced tab->Settings->Advanced->Change
    Mine was set to 1GB. I set it to automatic(which was 8GB). That fixed it for me.
    Paging file is a temporary file windows creates on your HDD(orSSD) that holds things that do not fit on your ram.
  2. Its already in automatic but still getting that error .
  3. How much disk space is currently allocated for paging file?
    Have you run memtest to test your RAM? Any other games you are having this issue with?
    How many backround programs are you running? Could it be eating up RAM?
  4. Set the Page File size to Windows Managed. There is no reason whatsoever for it not to be in this day and age.
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