Pre-installing windows 8 to an external hard drive, and then using it internally

I'd like to pre-install a windows to my hdd, that is connected trough usb, with the help of an hdd docker, like this:
. My goal is be able to boot from it and put a bunch of stuff to it from the other hdd that is docked, all this done on my current computer. Then, I would put the hdd with windows 8 and hundreds of GB of data already on it into my new computer, with regular SATA connection.

So given the successful installation of the windows to the hdd, going through the boot menu (booting from pendrive with the windows iso on it first), partitioning the hdd in quesiton, then setting up windows, will I be able to boot from it?

And then can I encounter any problems (driver issues or similar) when putting the hdd into my new computer internally?

(I could also connect the hdd internally with sata in my current computer now, not sure which is the better way, if any..)

Any answers would be really appreciated, thank you guys!
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  1. Is there any particular reason you want to do this?

    Windows really doesn't like being moved between systems, and won't install onto a USB-connected disk without a huge amount of trouble.

    You could pre-partition the drive and put your data in a separate data partition while it's in the dock, then install Windows on the new PC?
  2. Why I do it is rather childish, I admit ^_^ When my new computer arrives I want to play all my games asap, GTA5, Battlefield 4, Arma 3, and all these games are HUGE. Plus the installation of windows and essential programs can take quite a while too.

    So it's not a good idea, I see.. Well, if it's really the case then I'm a bit sad, thanks for your response anyways.
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    2 problems:

    1. The OS wants to be installed on the drive when it lives in the system it will be used in. Moving a drive with an installed OS to another system often does not work.

    2. Installing Windows on an external. Yes, it can be done, kind of. It's a real pain, and will not work once you install it internally, no matter which system.

    tl-dr: Don't do this. You'll be messing with it for two weeks, and it still won't work right.
  4. Ok thank you, now I just don't know which answer to pick as solution :(
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