I want to buy a new cpu + gpu. I am a bit confused between fx 4300+ r9 270 or fx 6300 + r7 265My budget is 20000 INR for bot

Looking for a gpu and cpu
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  1. while the 4300 is an older CPU, the 270 can be super overclocked, to get better performance than even the 270x. I say, get the 270 option, as long is your CPU is so old.
    what is your CPU and motherboard?
  2. I will buy the motherboard too. But since both use an am3+ socket so I didn't asked for motherboard. I am considering to buy the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard.
    If this is not a good one please suggest me one for about 5500 INR
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    Personally I would go with the FX 6300 as games are starting to use more and more cores. That makes it more future proof
  4. I also think fx 6300 would be better but also the r9 is more powerful than the r7 265 . That's why I am a bit confused whether I should go for a good gpu or cpu.
    Also I would be buying the saphire dual x edition for both cards.
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