Lower FPS in GTAV than expected

Hi guys,
Lately in GTA V I've been getting lower FPS than what I should be expecting.
I run the game on mostly high and very high (which is what the game set for me on first launch) and I get anywhere between 30-80fps with an average of around 45 fps. This is strange because my specs are at at least equal to the recommended -- if not better.

What I've tried so far is first downloading the beta 15.4 drivers from AMD which didn't change anything. I then tried turning down the settings: no matter if I changed everything to the lowest settings or changed the resolution down from 1080p my fps would not change. I'm lost now.

My questions are what FPS do you think I should expect? Am I over-estimating my PC? If I'm not, what can I do about this if anything? Could it potentially be an optimisation issue?

My specs:
i7 3770k @ 3.50ghz stock
8GB ram
MSI r9 290x

Any help is appreciated!
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    Try disabling all options in the Advanced Graphics menu (They are truly demanding even with higher end machines) as well as making the MSAA 2x instead of 4x, I heard TB (TotalBiscuit, YouTube PC Critic) say that a higher MSAA above 2x drops performance quite heavily.
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