Laptop SSD solid state drive is not recognizing HDD 2TB Seagate EXternal drive.

Laptop SSD solid state drive , not recognizing HDD Seagate EXternal drive, which i'm using for storage 2TB in size.
On Disk Management is Showing "no media". However the same HDD is recognized and works fine with another laptop with HDD OS drive using win 7, the same win 7 OS on my SSD Laptop not reading the same HDD.
Also on a side, i'd like know how to "Trim" the SSD......
... thanks for your help.
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware, Orion7!

    I recommend re-installing your USB controller drivers from Device Manager and see if that will make the external HDD properly recognized by your laptop again. Here's a link that may help you with that:

    TRIM is a Windows feature and it is usually enabled by default from the OS. As long as your SSD is set in AHCI SATA mode in BIOS, Windows will pick it up during the OS installation and use the TRIM commands. I recommend disabling hibernation and defragmentation on the SSD though.
    Here are a couple of more links that will walk you through those steps:

    Let me know if you encounter any issues!
    Hope I helped! :)
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