Computer won't start up after installing new graphics card, putting back the old card did not help, fans spin for a split sec

My system has a 1000W Antec TPQ1000 PSU, Intel QX9650 CPU, Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 motherboard and 8GB of Kingston ddr2 ram. My old graphics card is an Asus GT240.

I installed a new MSI R7850 card on my computer, on first boot there is a normal 'beep' sound, but it didn't manage to boot into windows, instead it shows restoring bios............ then it restarted itself, there is also a normal 'beep' sound but the screen is stuck showing gigabyte motherboard splash screen, I thought it was because of the wireless Logitech keyboard I was using so I took a wired keyboard and tried to press buttons to enter bios or just get pass the splash screen, I waited but there was no response, so I decided to press the reboot button on the chassis so the computer will reboot.

Unlike the first two times when the computer booted up, there was no beep sound after the reboot, 10 seconds later all the fans stopped spinning, after around 3 seconds the fans will start to spin but there's still no 'beep', this time the fans will spin for 5 seconds and stops, then it will start all over again, it cycled on so I had to shut it down holding the power button.

I was afraid that I did not install my card correctly or if it was a problem with the PCI-E slot on my motherboard, so I swapped the 7850 to another slot and made sure that I have the 6-pin connected and everything was seated properly. I took the side lid off the chassis so I could look inside and powered on the computer. This time round the fans stopped spinning after a split second and they will not spin again. I pressed the power button and nothing comes up, as if there is no power connected.

When I put back the old Asus GT240 card, the fans did spin but again only for a split second.

What happened? What should I do to make my computer work?
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  1. I worked it out last night, I decided to remove all the screws from my motherboard and make sure that there is no screws underneath the motherboard that's causing a short circuit (I've seen on other forums that if the cpu fan twitches and stops spinning then it might have been because of a short circuit). There wasn't any so I put the screws back and tried powering it on, and there is this beep and everything is normal again :)
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