MSI Z97 Gaming 7 vs. Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7 vs Asus Maximus VII Hero

Hello, I'm sick of the problems my old Asus mobo is running on since a power surge, and I've come to the conclusion I should change my mobo and CPU, since I can't relay my work as a freelancer on a computer that some days decide to just stop working by shutting down itself (3.3v rail gets at 3.6v) or just don't starting (I already sent my PSU for a check, no problems at all, also, the mobo seems to detect a problem on the cpu, since the led stays on).

Said so, I'm looking for a new motherboard from the LGA 1150 to go along with an i7-4790k. It hurts me to spend money right now knowing Skylake is coming, but shit happens, I guess.
Reading on this forums, I came to the conclusion that those three mobos would be pretty good to my rig. People says Asus mobos to be top notch, and, sincerely, I'm quite skeptic after the problem I have and had in the past with my Asus mobo, but I may just have bad luck, so I'm open to buy a Maximus VII Hero if it really worths it. However, I'm more into the MSI or the Gigabyte.

I like the MSI software, but I'm scare that BIOS may be simplified in comparison to Gigabyte BIOS. On the other hand, Asus BIOS seems to be pretty good, similar to the one I have.
What would you guys recommend me?

Here's my (actual) setup:

Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
Intel Core i7-2600
MSI GTX 970 Gaming
8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM + 8gb G.Skill RAM
Samsung EVO 550 + secondary HDD's
Be Quiet Dark Rock 3
Seasonic X-850W 80 Plus Gold Modular
Fractal Design Define R5

If there are any doubts, I'm open to buy other mobos inside the LGA 1150, this are just the ones I fixed my attention in after some research. My price point is 200€ (A lil more is ok, like Asus VII Hero, at 220€).

Thank you beforehand.
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  2. IntelTurtleFan said:

    I also thought on Asrock Extreme 6 at the beggining, but as far as I understood, it's a minor company which doesn't have the same quality as Asus, Gigabyte or MSI. The BIOS seems ugly but functional (however, gigabyte BIOS, with that lava effects is ugly as fuck, also), and it has lot of stuff for that price, but I'm scare they may not be as good as the others.

    Is this remotely true?

    On the Asus Z97-A, I think I went with higher prices ones due to the integrated sound card, not really sure (I've spent almost 10 hours today reading lots of info, it's difficult to keep up the reasons I rejected some of them), I'll take a look, thought.

    Thanks for your answer
  3. Asrock has improved a lot in quality and is one of the most recommended manufactures. For sound cards unless you are doing "hard core" sound editing any mobo will do. This is still probably your best bet:
  4. Thanks for the info, will think on it :)

    Edit: reposting this thread into the correct subforum, thank you for your help here, IntelTurtleFan
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