Looking for motherboard w/ SLI support, and 1155 socket.

Upgrading my old mobo. I want to fit a second GTX 970 and go SLI. Need help finding a suitable motherboard willing to pay up to £150. I have an I5 3570K 1155 processor, Z77 chipset OCd as far as vcore allows on current motherboard, which has no vcore altering support/feature so would be nice to have that too. Will also be upgrading OS and buying a SSD.

I use corsair 1600mhz ram 4GB x 2, corsair GS 800w PSU. NOCTUA NH-U9B SE2 DUAL cpu fan. Appreciate help with finding a suitable motherboard compatible with all of the above, thanks in advance.
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  2. Captdonno said:

    Never tried ASROCK, are they reliable?
  3. They are very reliable, yes. They're like the Toyota of motherboards:D I've had three in total over the past 10 years, sold each when I began a new build and all three are still out in the field rocking to this day.
  4. Sounds good :) I'll send for one, I've been using something I got as a bundle when I bought my I5 3570K, think it's a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H, doesn't support SLI or much Overclocking no vcore feature eugh D:
  5. Nice! Have fun with the swap and I hope the board serves you well for many years to come!
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