Second HDD not detected by the motherboard

I've replaced my old blown out motherboard with an MSI 970 'gaming' motherboard that i got on sale. I've replaced everything made sure the connections were solid and gave it a whirl. The first hard drive it picks up with no issue, however for some reason it cannot find the second one.

What i have done is;
- check the physical connections
- Check to see if the hard drive is active (vibrations and heat)

I would go pocking about further into the bios but i'm gonna be honost, im afraid i might fudge it up worse than what it's already at.
But because i'm cheap, i'm not taking it to a pc guru to charge me $100 for what could be a simple fix.

Anyone have an ounce of wisdom to lend?
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    Hi there Gareske,

    Is the HDD recognized by BIOS or Disk Management?

    In case it is recognized by BIOS, it is most probably recognized by Disk Management as well. In this case you need to go to Disk Management and initialize the drive(in case it is a new one) -> partition -> format it. If it is a drive that you have already been using, see whether and how the drive appears over there.
    In case the HDD is not recognized by BIOS, then it may be a good idea to connect the HDD to another SATA port. Also, you can swap the cables with the ones of your primary drive. If the issue persists, then I guess you will need to try the drive on another system and see if the drive is working fine over there.

    I guess it will not hurt to update the SATA drivers of your MOBO.

    Hope this will help,
  2. The presence of vibrations and heat are not positive indicators that the drive is in working order. Hook it up to a working PC and test it with SeaTools for Windows:
  3. Thank you both for responding,

    It doesn't detect in any other Sata port and it doesn't show up in the seagate tool. Cable swapping also proved no use.

    What bugs me the most is that all i did was change a dead motherboard with a new one. Before the old one died, it was working fine. the New one is just being a bitty.
  4. Have you updated your MOBO drivers(SATA ones)?
    If the HDD is not detected by BIOS, I doubt that you will be able to access the drive with some software testing tools.
    I guess you should try it on another computer.

  5. It works fine in my friends rig.
  6. Well, you can try flashing the BIOS(updating). Check this out:
    If the issue persists, then I guess you should contact the MOBO's manufacturer.

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