can surge protectors regulate voltage

can surge protectors regulate voltage
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  1. no. they only clamp it to a max value (if that, and probably not terribly well, but well enough). everything else gets through raw.

    the best way would be a proper active regulator. you could hack one together, but it could be atrocious.
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    As giant said, surge protectors only clamp voltage beyond a certain value given some amount of surge current and that's that.

    If you want buck/boost voltage regulation, you need an "Automatic Voltage Regulator" but most affordable types of AVR only support one or two levels of voltage regulation by using transformer taps and relays to change taps.

    If you want more accurate voltage regulation, you would need either an AVR that uses a motorized variac or an online UPS, aka double-conversion UPS. The morotized variac has laggy response time to line voltage changes but is still a relatively cheap way of regulating line voltage. The online UPS has no response time since its output is generated from internal DC/battery voltage all of the time but is more complex, less efficient and more expensive.
  3. then there's the ultimate combination:

    line isolation - short term UPS - instant surge suppression. all at the same time. it's an AC motor coupled to a heavy mechanical flywheel coupled to an AC generator. easily the size of a fridge and should weigh a ton or two, but it does things few electronic items can do.
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