How Do I Know Which graphics card im using?

I recently bought a new laptop (Dell insprion 15 5000). It has both Intel HD graphics famliy(something like that) and a dedicated AMD Radeon R7 M260 graphics card. My question is do both cards work together or is it only one at a time? and if its only one at a time how do i choose which one it is?
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  1. Only one is displaying at a time, per monitor. Open the start menu and type dxdiag. Go to the various display tabs and it will show you which device is outputting to the monitor(s).
  2. Only one works at any time. It doesn't matter how many monitors you have. If you right click desktop and go to switchable graphics it will give you options of which gpu to use for which programs. By default the amd gpu will only go on in games and gpu accelerated software. You can also use gpuz and it'll say gpu usage of each gpu.
  3. Use the control in the amd gpu panel (don't know what it is called as I have a nivida card) then choose the gpu you want for a program. Then open the program and wait for it to load. Then use hwmonitor and the current gpu that is being used will be displayed.
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