Drive shown in bios and device manager, but not in Windows Disk Management


I really hope someone out there can help me.
I have 2 identical 4tb disks in a windows storage spaces pool 8tb in total. After a few weeks the system starts acting strangely giving me warnings about disk errors.
I tried to access folders on the disks and it was slow but I could access all folders. I then ran the build in disk scan and under this operation the computer went down.
After restart i could no longer see my storage spaces and in Disk Management I can only see 1 of the disks.
In bios and in windows device manager i still can see both disks.

Please HELP... All my personal videos of my children depends on it.
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  1. Hi jewes.

    This sounds pretty unfortunate. I'd suggest that you try the drive with a different computer to see if it's recognized and if you can recover your data. You could also try accessing it via Linux Live CD/USB to see if you're able to get to your data this way and back it up. Or try if some of the data recovery options from this thread are able to detect and retrieve your files: If everything else fails, you could always try a professional solution, such as a data recovery company.

    Hope that helps.
  2. It seems like your storage poor was failed, Firstly, open up an Administrative PowerShell prompt. To get the status of my Storage Space (Comand: Get-StoragePool). Then, check the health of the volumes sitting inside the Storage Pool, use the command (Get-VirtualDisk) , then, paste your information here, to find what happened
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