Which Graphics Card Both from NVIDIA and AMD will be best for 1280x1024 Gaming with max Settings at 60fps?

I have dropped my idea of getting a 1080p gaming machine because it will be very expensive for me.
For Processor I will go either Amd fx 8350 or i5 4690k
But for Graphics card, As I will not play games in 1080p,Which Graphics Card From NIVDIA and AMD will best budget for 1280x1024 at max settings @60fps?
Thank you
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  1. Depends on the game and your budget.
  2. AMD - 270 (Or X)
    Nvidia - 660 (OR ti)

    Those cards are for the average game at highest settings. Some games you may need more depending on what it is...Tell us what games you have in mind
  3. If you want latest generation support I would go for a 960. Its a little over the top but it is latest generation
  4. Latest and upcoming Titles.
    Far Cry 4,COD Advanced Warfare,Witcher 2 ,3,Shadow of Mordor,Gta 5
    Battlefield Hardline,etc

    A High End Card= Which Processror AMD or Intel?
    A Mid End Card=Which Processor AMD or Intel?
  5. A 270x of 660Ti should be more then enough for pretty much anything at 1280x1024
  6. A 970 would be insanely over the top for 1280x1024 but would leave room for a monitor upgrade later. If no plan for a monitor upgrade then the 960
  7. Yes thats right
    But I have pointed out another question which no one noticed.
    Which Processor is best for mid end graphics card and which processor is best for high end ggraphics card.?
    I m on a tight budget too.$700 to $800
  8. Then I misunderstood what you were saying.

    For a high end card, an i6 4590k. For mid end, i5 4460
  9. and Processor from AMD Side?
  10. Best answer
    FX8350 for both
  11. If you want a very stable 60 fps I would suggest getting an i5 even if it's locked. FX 8350 has a lot of framerate dips in CPU hungry games below 60 fps.

    i5-4460, H87/H97 motherboard, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon R9 280/280X

    If this is a bit out of budget then get either an FX-8320 + 970 board or i3-43xx + board... you can get an H81 board for Intel to cut the cost down, but just know H81 boards have only 2 RAM slots, fewer SATA, USB and audio ports. Also if you go with an FX-8320 or Intel i3 you might consider getting an Nvidia card over AMD since it seems like AMD's drivers use more CPU (evidence here), so if you go with a budget CPU it would help to eliminate the bottleneck as much as possible.
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