I pulled some fan plugs off the motherboard while accidentally didn't turn off power supply button, did i damage anything?

Hi, i was installing a fan controller and i first installed only 2 fans which weren't connected to the ROG motherboard (Asus Maximus Iv Extreme) and turned on the computer to check if they fan was getting enough power and controlling etc etc.. When everything was alright, i shut down the computer but stupid me i forgot to turn off the power supply, also from the wall (I keep the cable connected to both to absorb electrostatic discharges when i touch it). So i spotted the other 2 fans which were connected to the mb fan heaters next to the 24 pin connector, and i was really careful not to touch anything with my fingers.. I pulled the plugs out without bending anything and i tried throwing it ad the back of the case to drag them and plug them to the fan controller.. Well there was some times when the cable did touch the mb while i was trying to get them through the back, but when i succeeded and went for the third fan plug i noticed a mb LED was still on and that when i realised i left the power supply on >.< I stopped everything and turned everything off and then i continued.. When i turned on the pc after i was done everything posted fine and it booted aswell.. Did i do any damage while trying to pull them off or when they softly hit the mb while trying to get them through the back?
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    No, no need to worry. You can even remove the fan plugs with the system running, and it will not damage anything (although not recommended)
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